Scotland Barr & the Slow Drags::We Will Be Forgotten
Scotland Barr was a relentlessly creative man. From the genius of his culinary creations to the brilliance of his songwriting, he always sought to make an impact. In his mind, there just wasn't time to be boring. His dreams were his mission statement, and there was work to be done.
When Scotland passed away, with this album only a third of the way to completion, the band ran off the rails. We had his songs, but it turned out that Scotland was more than our creative force—he was both our conductor and our prime mover, and there we were, left to push the train by hand.
Without the guiding direction of Scotland's dreams and the force of his passion, those of us who were left to complete the work you now hold in your hands often felt lost, but we found our way, knowing that this album was all we had with which to honor the man who inspired us all, and that finishing it with love was our only path.
As his bandmates and friends, we are sad that Scotland is no longer around to entertain us with hilarious stories or made-up lyrics, to hit the road to support this album, or simply to hang out over Peking duck. Yet his songs and his voice remain. We believe we've made something that not only honors him, but that he would love.
May we hear him dream forever.
The Slow Drags