"What the Wallflowers would sound like if they chewed on tobacco instead of bubblegum."

- Adam Harrington

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"Music that punches the heart like a fist with brass knuckles."

- Joshua Sommers, The Oregonian
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"Scotland Barr reminds us that the art of good song writing and lyric crafting is not dead....this is poetry with all the
rough edges of life left on. Legionnaires' Disease is an astounding accomplishment and is destined to put Scotland Barr and
the Slow Drags on the Americana map."

- Rob Stroup, The Imprints,
The Baseboard Heaters, 8 Ball Studios

"Eclectic, sincere music of this type is the reward we spend our time looking for....the whole enchilada here folks!"

- Chris K.,
Happi Skratch Entertainment

"World-weary, astute songs. The kind of CD you'll want in your player as you drive to Memphis."

- Rachel Taylor-Brown

"Move over Jacob Dylan - this clearly illustrates who is the heir to the folk-rock throne."

- Tom Slot, Page Six

"These songs have got the universal truths covered in all ways, on all planes, in all galaxies, in every language known and
otherwise. These songs are fantastic. The recording is fabulous too, but I am more caught up in the 'call the station and
find out who did that song' emotional response right now."

- Allison Picard,
Lucky Duck Production